Say it with a Burger


Do you want to score some extra points with your man? Serve him a homemade burger! :)

I did, yesterday!

  • Add some salt, pepper and fresh thyme (I like fresh herbs in burger) to minced meat, form it into round flat burgers and fry on high heat on each side for some minutes. I like burgers “medium rare”! Smelt cheese on top if you like a cheeseburger :)
  • Make mayonnaise based on egg yolks, some mustard, vinegar (lemon juice) and neutral oil. Here I have a recipe for garlic mayonnaise (aioli) if you like it more tasty. I prefer normal mayonnaise for burger, so I made one without garlic yesterday.
  • Fry some bacon :)
  • Warm burger buns in the oven.

I served cheeseburger with romano salad leaves, fresh tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, bbq sauce, mayonnaise, red onions and bacon & Coca Cola!

He loved it, and so did I <3

Enjoy the friday night everyone :)




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