Homemade Aïoli


When we are having dinner at the restaurant, I always ask for some nice bread and aïoli as a starter. I just love this garlic majo ♥

I always thought it was very complicated to make it. Until I tried… It’s actually extremely easy and is made in no time.

Here is my version:

1 egg
1/2 lemon
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 cup neutral oil
I like using whole egg. It makes the color lighter and the sauce doesn’t split as easy as with only egg yolks. It´s important that all the ingredients are at room temperature. I use two garlic cloves, because we love garlic here in the house. It does taste quite strong though, so one clove might be enough.

Of course you can beat ingredients together by hand, but I use this “helping hand” – blender:


Blend garlic, some dijon mustard and egg in a deep bowl with a blender (or in a food processor) until it’s well combined.
Slowly add oil, processing to form a thick mayonnaise. I use neutral oil, as rapeseed or sunflower oil, but I read somewhere that aïoli can be made on extra virgin olive oil as well. I guess the taste would be a bit stronger, with a hint of olive. I never measured amount of oil, I just add till the consistency is good.
Squeeze some lemon juice. You can use vinegar in stead, but I like lemon flavor. Season with salt.
Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 10-20 min, while you are making the rest of the dinner.

For example mussels in white wine sauce with safran, ginger and cherry tomatoes?

Blåskjell med safranSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCThat was our dinner yesterday… Tasty, served with a glass of wine!

After kindergarten today Léon and I made kjøttkaker (norwegian meatballs) with brown gravy and mashed potatoes – a traditional one, tasted nice on a monday.

Have a delicious evening, try to make an aïoli, it will taste heavenly tomorrow :)


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