bilde 4When you study beside work, you have to spend some weekends in the classroom. Yesterday was one of them. I take Project Management at BI in Oslo and we had a lecture yesterday, lasting from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon.

Eight hours with information-receiving might be quite intense. In the start it was fine, we all were very motivated and ready. But after a while, it got harder to stay focused.




When the lecturer started to notice that some of students got tired, he went out and came back with a huge box with chocolate!!! Ha ha ha… He called it for “Bamsemoms – trick”.

bilde 2

It definitely worked!

Two hours later he said: “We all go out for a little air break”. The weather was fantastic. After 10 minutes he said: “We continue here, right where we stand”.

UteI’m sure we all will remember the subjects he covered outside.

Loved it. Fantastic lecturer!

Now, one months with self-motivation before the exam. :)





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