In the navy…

IMG_9422Bergen, sweet Bergen… Do you really have to be rainy when we least need it?

That’s how it looked on the stage today morning, when Tom-Erik, Anette, Ivan and I went to go through the show. It was so sunny and nice yesterday, but today the dance floor was covered with water and we literally were blown away. We danced through, first in ordinary clothes and then with dance shoes. They got wet after about 8 second (the show lasted for 8 minutes).

Well, what could we do? In two hours this place would be filled with hundreds of audience.

We went back to the hotel and got prepared..:

SAMSUNG CSCWe were picked up by the military guys in a black car. We were all dressed up and excited.

The things that happened after are difficult to describe. I hope I´ll find some pictures or video, so i can show you tomorrow. The story was that the guys driving us were “terrorists” who kidnapped us. But we were rescued by the maritime special operations forces who came with some huge helicopters. We almost got scared, but had a good lough when soldiers carred us to the stage. 

The dance show went fine, though it was extremely cold and slippery. Audience were happy and so were we :)

That’s how Tom-Erik’s feet looked after the show:


Hard times, but we did our duty:


Even though the weather wasn’t nice to us, we loved working with The Norwegian Navy ♥



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