Citroën Commercial featuring Ewan McGregor as Mads Andersen


But who is Mads Andersen?

Mads Andersen is a norwegian journalist and reporter in the newspaper VG. He appears often as an anchor for live news coverage on VGTV.

His full name is Mads André Andersen. He is 30 year old.

Before Ewan McGregor got the exclusive role playing him, Mads Andersen used to play this role himself. Here are some of his work:

VGTV featuring Mads Andersen as Mads Andersen



And some everyday photos:

James Bond Skyfall
Mads Andersen at James Bond “Skyfall” Premier, together with his girlfriend and a famous norwegian artist, Vebjørn Sand.
Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, get to meet Mads Andersen for an interview.

“MADS ANDERSEN” – I do like the way it sounds in english… But i definitely prefer the way he looks “in norwegian…” ♥


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